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Individual 10-Pack

10 Sessions of Individual Strength & Speed training with Coach Ricky.  Athletes will enhance their strength, speed, explosiveness, mobility, and stability.

Small Group  $21-$22/Session

Train with friends and get stronger together. This 10 session program that will provide Small Groups 3-5 with full functional strength program designed to provide a solid strength base for our athletes.  All athletes will be assessed and trained to improve upon weaknesses and strengths.   

Ages: 9+

Groups of 4-5:  $22/session

Groups of 6-8:  $21/session

Team Training 
$20/Player/ Session

A team that trains together, gets stronger together.  Bring your entire team in to train together.  This is a 10 week session program for groups of 9+ providing functional strength and mobility training.

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