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Fall Programs

Hit Factory

K25 Hit Factory is a 2 day per week, 15 week, 30 session bat speed, exit velo, and contact quality program.  This program is for both baseball and softball players.  This is K25's most comprehensive program.  We will utilize both Rapsodo, HitTrax, and Blast motion hitting technology to help develop our players. This program runs every Monday and Wednesday.


9-11yrs old. 6pm-7pm   (Starting Oct 9th- Jan 24th)


12-14yrs old. 7pm-8pm  (Starting Oct 9th- Jan 24th)

High School will begin at 8pm-9pm (Starting Oct 9th-Jan 24th)

Hit Factory Pro Eval

This program is exclusive for participants in High School Hit Factory, participants will receive a Data Evaluation/Analysis, plus an Individual Development Plan, and a 30 min virtual Hitting Consultation with Milwaukee Brewers Hitting Coordinator, Eric Theisen.  This add-on to Hit Factory will ultimately provide the "What Now"  with all the data collected during High School Hit Factory.  This program will only be for 10 athletes max!

At the conclusion of Hit Factory, participants who have signed up for the Pro Eval will be directly connected with Coach Eric Theisen to set up their virtual meeting and receive their developmental plan.  Coach Theisen will expand upon the growth experienced in Hit Factory and provide and Individualized Development Plan that transfer to in game performance enhance Quality Contact and Swing Decisions/Approach.

Velo Factory 

The Velo Factory is an all-encompassing pitching program developed by K25’s Staff. Using our uniquely designed training system, athletes are developed with the primary objective being arm health. The Velo Factory utilizes a variety of training methods to increase mobility, efficiency, arm strength, and health. By developing healthier arms, and more athletic movements down the mound, our pitchers find it easier to develop velocity gains that can be maintained throughout the season.  This program runs every Tuesday and Thursday.


10-12 yrs old. 6pm-7pm (Starting Oct 3rd- Jan 18th)

13-14 yrs old. 7pm-8pm (Starting Oct 3rd-Jan 18th)

High School 8pm-9:15pm (Starting  Oct 3rd- Jan 18th)


The Behind-The-Dish is a 2-day/wk. and will run in harmony with Velo Factory program.  Participants will be in a high energy setting focusing on the art of blocking and receiving combined with arm care, proper posture, and footwork.  Participants will work on set ups, positioning/framing, blocking, and ranging from primary and secondary positioning.  As the program progresses all Catchers will work during pitcher bullpens on the above.


10-12 yrs old. 6pm-7pm (Tue. & Thur. Oct 3rd- Jan 18th)

13-14 yrs old. 7pm-8pm (Tue. & Thur. Oct 3rd-Jan 18th)

High School 8pm-9:15pm (Tue. & Thur.  Oct 3rd- Jan 18th)

K25 Tracking

8th Grade to High School athletes will also receive a profile in our digital platform that will track the progression of their performance throughout the program.  This platform can also be utilized as a recruiting tool that will allow our athletes to not only track their programs, but share with colleges of all division throughout the nation.  This program is ONLY for participants in Hit Factory or Velo Factory!

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