K25 Baseball/Softball Training

Welcome to K25 Baseball & Softball.  Chicagoland's premier baseball and softball training organization.  K25 Baseball & Softball training programs were created by the highly esteemed baseball instructor, Kris Jenkins. At K25 our mission is to provide professional quality instruction to our aspiring athletes.


K25 Staff is composed of some of the most highly experienced and knowledgable baseball and softball instructors in the area.  We utilize top of the line technology to assist our players in accomplishing their goals.  We provide our participants with the options to utilize Blast Motion Swing Sensor, Rapsodo hitting system, PitchLogic Baseball/Softball Sensors, and HitTrax.  K25 strives to maintain our progressive approach to develop players. 


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Fall Programs

Strength & Conditioning

Stacy Bellack
Angel Guerra

Coach MJ

Coach Jesus



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College Instructional Camp

 This one day all encompassing skills camp will be run by various college coaches throughout the Midwest region. The camps will include defensive, offensive, pitching, and base running instruction. Each participant will workout at their primary position and work through a variety of skills stations. Following the Group 1 camp, there will be a 15 minute question and answer session with college coaches.  Following the Group 2 camp, there will be a 45 minute recruiting seminar.  Per NCAA regulations, this camp is for 8th graders and under.

Day/Date:  Saturday, November 20th

Group 1:  Ages: 11-12yrs.  Time: 11am-1pm

Group 2:  Ages: 13-14yrs.  Time: 2pm-5pm

Price:  $180